Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of my favorite Christmas Gifts

I had to share this... It makes me smile everytime I read it.
This is from Serena my 8 year old, she came up with this idea all on her own
Here is the envelope front and back:

So Cute with er Halloween stickers for Christmas :)

 Then Below is the contents inside:
I have used one ticket so far, that's why there is one missing- I had to pass it in.  Then she scratched off the service rendered, only one service per group of coupons I guess. 

The day of my visit she put a sign on her bedroom door that read:
Serena's Spa
Where there's always great service!

Then I walked in and she was set up sitting on the floor with her legos box as her desk and Ron's old laptop on it as her computer, she asked me my name and "checked me in."  Then proceeded to sell me another gift certificate while I was there- she'd good!  She then made sure I was comfortable, got me some magazines to read during my foot rub, asked if I wanted a drink... it was so cute.  I guess I may have already brought her to NSPJ more than once- she likes it! I do too, I'm not going to lie!

I had to share this- it was so cute!!!- Thank you Serena

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  1. when you first told me about this I almost died! How stinkin' cute! Hope yal don't get hit with too much snow tomorrow.